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sports and buses

Post by ivionne23 on Fri May 28, 2010 7:55 pm

I've been dreaming of school buses and sports event in my dreams lately. idk why? so far i've dream of seeing a baseball field 3 times so far and now i'm seeing tennis court.

well this is the latest- i saw a house it was my house and it was big. and a big spacious front yard. i loved the open space. and i noticed and i looked around and i see the bathroom out in the open. it was more of the bath tub. and it was within this pillar of bricks i think the pillar wasn't straight but it looked like it had good support. and i looked at it. i can feel and sense myself thinking like why is this right here. and i was like okay. anyway i was in the front yard and i can see my niece and i noticed the street in front of my house was a line of school buses. certain route number sticks out to me #176. i can't get that number out of my mind. bc i've added it up and i get 14. (if that's how it works) cause i had a dream before that someone mentioned to me a specific date may 14. anyway in this dream i was told i can shop for my wedding gifts. i was told by this woman that i had so much to get and i didn't hear the total but i did hear that i could 14 things for my wedding gifts. there was one specific thing that i made sure that i've got a matching mickey and minnie mouse in matching outfits.
anyway i get on the bus and the lady (the bus driver) tells me that she has to make a detour stop before we can go to final destination. well the stop that we made i get off and i look around and again it looked like there was a battle that took place. the level of the ground was not all level. i could see a four wall of brick and i could look within and see a tennis match going on.
i get up be happy of some of the things i understand. i could be wrong. there's alot of things going on right now in my life. last night i dreamt i was in war with "transformers the movie"
so any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.

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