Ridingin the car with my ex's dad (PLEASE READ!)

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Ridingin the car with my ex's dad (PLEASE READ!)

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Thu May 27, 2010 10:03 am

Hey dreamers! I hope all of you are well!

I just had this dream earlier today concerning my ex's family. I haven't had a dream of my ex in a loooooong time. Checkit out and tell me what the spirit leads you to say! God bless and thanks in advance!

Had a dream that I was walking around some place trying to find someone? I quickly had a baby in my arms that was small but had an adult head. The baby was debilitated? and was a special needs child. I remember trying to find where this baby's mom was because I was somewhat turned off by it (I wouldn't be IRL, just in the dream).

I then saw my ex's father (who by the way currently works at my old job IRL), he had on a white t-shirt and was walking around all jovial and being 'extra friendly' towards me. In the next scene, I remember being with him inside of his car and he was driving (I was in the passenger's side). On floor next to my feet was my friend's phone that I didn't get to return to her but would. The phone in the dream looked similar to my mom's phone IRL. The special needs baby was also by my feet. I guess my friend was the mother? Anyway, I attempted to pick up the phone to call my friend to let her know that she could come by my place to pick up her stuff before graduation in the morning. I knew the number had stated with a "7" but I couldn't think of the other numbers!!lol I remember riding past this apartment complex that was dimly lit. On the porch/sidewalk was a little baby (no older than one years old), who was shirtless, had a ponytail, and diaper on, playing in a puddle of water. The baby seemed enthralled with what she was doing. The mom (who looked like a teenager) peeked behind the door to grab up her child (I guess she was making sure noone saw her?)

As I and my ex's father talked back and forth, it was a comfortable atmosphere between us and we both poured out our hearts? He was being so nice to me and making suggestions (it seemed like he was making up for lost time and make the situation right because he felt guilty that he possibly had something to do with me and his son's breakup? ) He kept showing me things and in particular a magazine--which on one page he pointed out "REBE JACKSON" (Michael Jackson's sister). He said, "Look at Rebe"? In the background, a Michael Jackson song was playing ("Beat it" intro and "Thriller") my ex's father had turned up his radio and I said, "this my song" and started dancing inmy seat, comfortably (I guess he knew I LOVE MJ!) As I was listening to him go from subject to subject I told him that I had "really loved his son", letting him know that I had cared about his son and was not trying to "hoodwink" him!lol...It's like the father was understanding and he knew I cared. He said, "Who knows, ya'll may just get back together and get married again, etc". I was surprised that he even mentioned the possibility. I told him that I was over his son and that i had grow past some things and matured. Furthermore I wanted to get married around 35 and focus on my career (which IRL, I want to get my career out of the way first) He looks at me like he's unconvinced with my decision (I guess he feels like I can have a career and have a successful marriage at the same time.) I'm just surprised that this man actively wants to take me somewhere and is participating in conversation with me after all of these years.
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