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Post by promisedchild on Thu May 27, 2010 7:17 am

my husband and i were looking at this apartment when we walked in it was all freshly painted white and a lil gray. the floors were slippery and i was holding my childs hand (dont have one in real life yet) me and my child slipped on the floor but my husband didnt fall but my child turned into my lil puppy and he began eating on some bread on the floor. everything was white and shiny. the inside of the apartment was soooo bright and this paint of white was so shiny with just a touch of gray in different areas not many though. but why did i fall from the slippery floor and not my husband? i quickly got up though
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Re: house.........

Post by Palmira Gutierrez on Fri May 28, 2010 7:28 pm

I am not a master interpreter. I will try to help you. My viewpoints are not a direct word from God. Please disregard them if they do not apply to your life.

Are you looking for a new Church? The church is not spotless (lil gray).

slippery floors: Has to do with the spiritual walk. It is so easy to slip and fall in a broken world, even when we are at Church.

Your Husband I believe was symbolic of God. That is why He did not slip. He is in your midst.

The child could be symbolic of a particular gift. Because it turned into a puppy, perhaps the gift is "Friendship" Dogs are usually symbolic of "Friends"

God may be granting you a fresh new beginning. But He wants you to be aware that there will be "weakness" (gray is symbolic of weak)
even with a fresh start. You will receive the gift of friendship. Christ is in your midst (husband)

If you fall, you will rise again. The Word of God states: The righteous man falls seven times, but rises.

Hope this helps!!!

Palmira Gutierrez
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