People symbolizations

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People symbolizations

Post by new2mygift28 on Wed May 26, 2010 7:07 am

I keep having dreams where I'm looking for my ex or dreams where you can tell that we aren't on that good of terms. But then I have dreams where we are on good terms and it seems as if we are together again.

Is one from myself or the devil or one from God?
Or could I just be seeing in part?
Could I be seeing the present situation and the future?
Or does he symbolize someone else?
Or could I symbolize someone else?

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Re: People symbolizations

Post by Nyagali on Wed May 26, 2010 3:26 pm

Maybe it is more what he symbolizes than him as a person in your dream. For instance, I had a dream about a friend, who is also an art teacher. In that dream it was the artist that was the issue, not my friend in the dream. Maybe he has a personality that changes a bit and that is why you see him in different lights. Try to look in the dream of what he is showing you or what emotion he has and see if that helps. Obviously the fact that he keeps coming up in your dreams means he stands out in your waking life and that could be why you dream of him. People in dreams can be very confusing, they aren't always THE person, but sometimes they are. The Spirit will confirm in your heart. Since you have been confused with him in your dreams probably also shows your confused emotions towards him as well. Ask the Lord to work on your heart. He has a good way of doing that for us. :-)

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