Dreaming again bullet train

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Dreaming again bullet train

Post by MichaelBradley on Tue May 25, 2010 9:06 pm

I had this dream several weeks ago. I had a dream that I was in a busy train station in San Francisco. In the station people were coming every which way. Suddenly a bullet train pulled into the station and people were boarding the train. On the train were my good friends from San Francisco Shaun and Nella. I remember boarding the train and they made a comment that it was interesting to see this train as it was new. I said well this is a new bullet train. The train took off and ended up going all through San Francisco and ended up at the ocean front.

We got off the train and proceeded to walk along the ocean front where I started to lament about being not able to be in SF. I started to wish I was back living ocean front where I felt so refreshed and not weary. I started to ride a bike and never felt like I was going anywhere fast. My friends were still there with me and they said. We know you'll come back. We know you fit here.

Suddenly we saw a Taxi cab. I get off the bike and there was this man standing next to the cab. He said. Do you know where you need to go? I said no I don't. He said. I know where I'm taking you. Get in the cab. My name is J.C. I will be your cab driver. I get in the cab and suddenly we are going very fast and end up in front of a brown building somewhere downtown San Francisco. I get out of the cab and JC says. This is where you are to get off. I walk to the glass doors of this building but the door is locked. I said to JC. I can't open the door, it's locked. He said that's ok, my father owns this building. I'll open it for you. He produces an access card which he swipes and the glass doors open and instantly I am standing in a boardroom with a nameless faceless man who is dressed in fine clothing and I know him to be a television producer. He says to me. What kind of fresh idea can you give me for reality TV. I start giving him a speal about the amazing race television show and how to improve it that you are just given a picture of the destination you go to and you have to buy tickets for that right city. If you arrive in the correct destination, you can continue running the race, but if you guess wrongly you are eliminated. I then show him a demo tape of how it works and my old friend Shelby is in the dream, a girl who has been in my life since she was 10 and I was 18. She is now 23 years old. For some reason there is a clue for the winnning prize of a million dollars and there was another envelope for Shelby of a prize too. She opens up the envelope and see's there is a million dollars for her and I said to her it was for her belief in me and her never ending support as a friend.

Then I woke up.

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