Driving and Looking for people (I need some insight)

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Driving and Looking for people (I need some insight)

Post by new2mygift28 on Tue May 25, 2010 6:58 pm

In this dream I was driving a car, and I was looking for my ex-boyfriend, but I don't remember seeing him. I called his name out, and someone turned around, but I was saw far down the block that I didn't realize if it was him or not. I continued to drive not really checking to see if it was him, from there I began to drive toward my old house where I used to live with my grandparents, and began to cry and say that I missed my grandfather as if he was dead. From there it changed to my God Mother's apartment, and I knocked on the door, but noone answered. So I walked down the hallway and kept ringing the door bell. She finally said something, but I didn't say anything. So, then I walked back toward her apartment and the door was opened, and she was standing next to the door. She, said "I knew it either had to be you or Sherie". I went into her apartment, and it looke as if they were remodeling. I asked her where her husband was, and she told me he was on his way back, and that they were planning to move. However, I looke at a table and there was a picture frame, and when I looked at the picture it was my pictures from a child within the picture frame. My dream then changed again, and we wer at my God Sister's house. My mother said, "Tell Sherie your dream". I told her the dream, adn her mouth dropped, and I turned around to her and said "Dont play with my gift".

Might I add the place where I was looking for my ex-boyfriend he doesn't even live, and my grandfather is still alive. Could this mean he's about to die? I just would like some insight please.

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