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Post by ELEGANT ANGEL on Tue May 25, 2010 10:46 am

My Mom had a dream about me recently and we have been trying to figure out
what it means. The dream is taking place in what looks like a banquet room.
The chairs are lined up as if it was a church. I am seated in the front row
wearing a red dress and there is a room full of people. My mom said that she
felt like it was a celebration for me and it was suppose to be a suprise. She
said that a young lady walks threw the door and up to me and says "Introducing
your Valentine Love". My Mom says out walks someone in all black wearing a
shades and a black vale walking slow down the isle. She says the person comes
up to me and kneels down. The person pulls off the shades and the vale and it
is my ex boyfriend. She says he begin to tell me how sorry he is for everything
that he has down and will I accept his apology. She says I was crying while he
was kneeling in front of me. She said all of a sudden some rap music starts to play
and out walks a male friend of mine. The male friend starts to walk up
the isle toward me and my ex. My male friend stops and turns around to walk away
but then the music changes and my friend is now wearing a tuxedo and he is singing.
She says that it was some of the most beautifully annointed music she has ever heard.
She says my friend starts walking towards me with his hand out to me. She says all
of my attention turned to him. Thats the end of the dream

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