ran over my dog's paw @ gas station

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ran over my dog's paw @ gas station

Post by pinkruffles on Tue May 25, 2010 10:37 am

This is the 3rd dream I had this morning 4 in all-wow! I was reading Job before bed, yes the part about Him sending dreams.

I'm at the gas station by my house. My oldest son(teenager) is there I think he says watch this, I guess I get in my van to move it up, our 2 dogs are there.
black(only had him since this year though is he is on the old side)
brown(our dog we got as a puppy only a few years old).
As I move the van up water sprays similar to a car wash like a sprinkler that wets the dogs the run to the other side (right)I know I'm close to the black one and I hear a yelp and stop I look I think from the side mirror I see him in a sitting/laying position with his right paw leg out.
then I get out and go to him and he is laying on his back like a person in my husbands arms I want to take him to the vet right in the plaza we are at.

I thought about Jesus was bruised for our iniquities. Black dog was laying in my husband arms similar to the Piata and my husband does represent God a lot in my dreams. We also used to have another black dog before we got brown dog and other black dog, he was run over by a speeding car while my son was trying to catch him he said he heard him yelp too.

Thanks for any help this dream worries me.

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