They couldn't see it!!!

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They couldn't see it!!!

Post by unaday* on Tue May 25, 2010 10:35 am

I had a dream that i was in a highest part of the Sky Dome (this is a dome in downtown Toronto Canada) i I was standing in a busy corridor in the sky dome. Then I came to a really big window. I looked outside and i was at least 30 floors up by the way below looked. I then saw a body of water. It was big but not vast. Then I saw a tremendously monstrously large dog beast like come over to the water (resembled the white dog from the old movie Never Ending Story. He slid into the water...he was pretty much the size of the body of water. Then he went under the water and sucked up all of it and only dry dry land sandy land was left. I looked at the people passing me by in the corridor and nobody noticed this! Then I saw a man commit suicide by jumping from another building. Nobody saw this also. Then I saw a man come to me from the window and say we are restructuring the Sky Dome so I must vacate the building. All of a sudden myself and workmates of mine were hooked up to these machines that were aiding us to vacate the building. I was holding onto my purse and my work stuff. I looked down and there was water below us. I held on so tight. Then the same man came and helped me out. There was a wooden board he put to float on the water so that we could land on and get out. When I was on solid ground he said to me "You are going to leave your purse?" I looked and my purse was still on the machine. I was too scared to go back to get it. He convinced me to and put back out the floating board. When I took up my purse it was full of murky water and i poured it out.

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