Visiting Hospital

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Visiting Hospital

Post by jecarola on Mon May 24, 2010 7:25 pm


I was in a slightly hazy room with a little girl and her mother (mother was in the background). I felt protective of the girl and asked her where she lived. We then looked at an old map and to my surprise she lived in a major city and not the small town I was anticipating. The city was undergoing some type of reconstruction, unblocking roadways, in one part.

I had to drop the girl home but on the way had to visit a friend of my brother in hospital, so we began walking. I came upon a place (slightly hazy) I owned on a beach, it was like I lived there but no buildings were there. What stood out to me was a huge bus, the bus seemed too large for the space, and my friend in ministry sitting next to a small drain with water flowing into the sand. She alone was there and it seemed quite odd that people were not around.

We continued on our journey going to the hospital. The hospital was bright, white and quite modern. In it there were eating tables and beds in the same big open room. A couple tables had cigarette ash, like the patients were allowed to smoke in there. On another table there was a drawing in pencil and it seemed that this patient was pursuing studies from hospital. All the beds were like big cribs. We then came upon my brother's friend who was dead. I said to the nurse, is he dead already. His face was surprisingly handsome but he feet were clubbed and short. She said, yes he had been beaten repeatedly by poverty, then she began rolling him up from the head down to take him away, his body was as flat as a pancake. End of dream.

If you can help me with the dream I would be very grateful; I have been trying to interpret it but I feel I need additional input. Thanks


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