Dog and gushing water

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Dog and gushing water

Post by Dinky on Mon May 24, 2010 3:30 am

I have two dreams I am not sure if I am allowed to do this, but I am puzzeld and would be very greatful if you could help me.
The first dream I had about three weeks ago, and am still remembering it very clearly.
Dream 1
1. I dreamed I was in a little silver car with a friend, and we somehow landed on a ver narrow road, going through the middle of an ocean or lake as there were no waves, we stopped the car and I got out, when I looked at the road it seemed silvery and as if covered in fish scales, and my left hand side was a man standing holding a whale over his head in a "winners" position, he was standing on another little island in the lake, and there were many dead fishes, however I do not recall it to have been smelly. Also on the right hand side, among a lot of dead fishes was another whale, it had very deep stabbing wounds all over its body, and crows were eating its flesh.
I then tried to walk up this incredibly narrow slippery fish covered hill, but kept on sliding back down, I remember trying a few times, and gave up after a while.
I have a feeling as if the man holding the whale was Jesus, because I sensed a possitive emotion from Him.

Dream 2
2. I had a dream last night that I was moving to a farm,
there were about 3 different buildings and it was in the woods,
I wore a pair of jeans, (I never ever wear jeans or any other pants.)
there was a dog, a sweet black and white Border Collie, he was energetic, kept running after me
and wanting affection, I was not sure which building I had to move into, and the dog and I went
for a walk, when I saw this perfectly furnished house, and behind it came gushing murky water,
and "stormed" right through this house, the white plastic chair on the patio did not move as this
water just gushed past, I also remember noticing that the house had many and very large windows, and in the dream I felt it was like a glass house.
The dog and I were standing on a little hill, so the water did not get to us, we ran out of harms way, trying to locate the place i am suppose to stay in, I woke up before I found it.

Thank you so much for helping.

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