Does Anyone Know of the Urantia Book?

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Does Anyone Know of the Urantia Book?

Post by +<>< on Sun May 23, 2010 9:16 pm

I used to read sections from it some years ago.

According to Wikipedia, these are some of the ways it differs from Christianity:

-Jesus' crucifixion is not considered an atonement for the sins of humanity. The crucifixion is taught to be an outcome of the fears of religious leaders of the day, who regarded his teachings as a threat to their positions of authority.

-God is never wrathful or angry. He is a personality entirely motivated by Father-like love.

-Jesus is the human incarnation of "Michael of Nebadon," one of more than 700,000 "Paradise Sons" of God, or "Creator Sons." Jesus is not considered the second person of the Trinity as he is in Christianity. The book refers to the Eternal Son as the second person of the Trinity.

-Jesus was born on earth through natural means of conception instead of a virgin birth.

-Jesus did not walk on water or perform some of the miracles that are attributed to him in the Bible.

-Jesus commissioned twelve women (and later more) as religious teachers, who traveled about with him and his apostles on their preaching missions.

-Jesus rose from the dead in a "more glorified form", reflective of a transitional state between material and spiritual existence known as "morontia". As with all mortals, his physical body was subject to decomposition, but celestial beings removed his body from the tomb for the dissolution of his remains through a process of "accelerated time".

-The book states that Jesus may return to the world many times. This contrasts with traditional Christian eschatology, in which Jesus returns only once.

I recently learned that this belief system is a New Age cult. I believe I was attracted to it before because I didn't want to accept that Someone had to suffer and die for me to be accepted by God. Yet, how can I know what's accurate, even including the Bible? How can one know for certain that the Bible (translation of the original Greek text of the NT and that of the Hebrew text of the OT) is reliable? Furthermore, maybe some people overexaggerate some of the "good things" in the Bible, such as love, physical divine healing, Jesus' deeds, and the afterlife (such as how 'perfect' Heaven is supposed to be, for example)? I don't want to offend anyone by saying these things; I'm just searching for answers and the actual truth.

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Re: Does Anyone Know of the Urantia Book?

Post by hind'sfeet on Mon May 24, 2010 8:15 am

A good book to read is Lord, Liar, or Lunatic by C.S. Lewis.

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Re: Does Anyone Know of the Urantia Book?

Post by Nyagali on Mon May 24, 2010 2:53 pm

When I read all you shared my first thought was that Jesus is so simple. So often we don't want just Jesus though. We want answers but answers only take us so far. Ephesians writes about a mystery quite often, but a mystery THAT IS REVEALED to us. That is a wonderful book to read if you want answers. This mystery is revealed, through the Holy Spirit in Jesus. That God Himself chose to come to earth and dwell in us, that we could have a relationship with Him.

Many of the standard answers the church has given us are wrong. I agree. There is no doubt about that. We have lived hundreds of years believing things that aren't all correct and there is fear if we say that isn't right! But inspite of this so many still have a relationship with God, a God who speaks to us and if we hear him properly, we do get correct answers.

I'll share one that you brought up there about the second coming. I beleive through scripture that the second coming of Christ is not just some future event. If you read the scriptures carefully you will see that the (second) coming of Jesus isn't just some future event that only a few will get to experience. It is something that each of us experience. How often have you been in trouble, called on the name of the Lord and physically experienced Jesus with you? If you really read the scriptures with this in mind, you will see the amazing hope and joy we have because Jesus comes to us NOW, right when we need Him, we don't have to wait for some rapture where only some people get taken out of their problems. NO! Jesus is equal to every single person. When we experience hell on earth, we can experience Jesus in heaven....right here now. We do not have to wait for the second comming of Christ. We get to have him come to us over and over and over. The Spirit is always with us, Jesus said that when he left the disciples. But he does come to us--in person. My guess is if you asked people on here, they have had visions or dreams of Jesus. Thousands of muslims have and they haven't even believed on Him, but they have called on God...and God came! I've experienced Jesus at my kitchen table talking to me, in bed, when I've been afraid, at church, loving me.... your search for truth ask the Spirit. He guides us into all truth. Unfortunately, we have been taught so much that is so wrong and have believed it for so long that the church is a mess for the most part. But Jesus knows this and has his ways of clearing things up for us. I encourage you to stick to Jesus, not all the things MAN has to say about him.

There is a verse that the Lord has reminded me of over and over as I have relatives into this New Age beliefs....if a man searches for his soul and finds it, he will lose it but if you lose your soul for Jesus, you will find it. The world has a lot of good answers, there is truth in many of the new age teachings....but they are all so you can find yourself, so you become your own God.....maybe you can find that, but in the end you lose. Lose yourself in Jesus, and you WILL find yourself.
Bless you as you search will find Jesus. No one loves you as much as He does and He is found in HIS church.

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Re: Does Anyone Know of the Urantia Book?

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