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Post by Nancy127 on Sun May 23, 2010 6:49 pm


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Post by One Door on Mon May 24, 2010 12:20 pm

Hello Nancy,
You are so right. Your brother does need "to allow the Lord to take control of his life..." but unfortunately he does not at this time recognize his need for the Lord. I was just like your brother before I recognized my need for God. My life was so broken but all the time my thought was, I don't need God, in fact, I didn't even want God anywhere near me.
I have not taken the accuracy test. This is my perspective on your dream.
I believe the plates symbolize the different things represented in both your lives. Your brother's plates are all broken because everything in his life is broken. He needs a Savior, One who can fix the brokenness in his life (the plates). Once he acknowledges his need for a Savior, Jesus can start putting those broken things (the plates) in his life back together. "...I noticed behind me..."; The word behind is speaking of "what is in the past". "...that my brother was doing the same thing as me..."; meaning at one time all of your plates were broken too. The only difference between you and your brother is that you have acknowledged your need for a Savior (he hasn't) and that Savior has been working in your life, putting all those broken plates back together. But we see in the dream you still have a couple of broken plates in your life Jesus is still working on putting back together, making them whole.
I would like to ask you this question. If in real life you were to break some plates, which would you prefer: someone getting mad at you for breaking the plates or someone who would show you compassion in the breaking of the plates? God is not mad at you for the couple of plates still broken in your life so don't be mad at your brother for his broken plates (symbolically speaking here). Jesus is full of compassion for the lost and we as His followers should be too.
I hope this dream will give you a renewed love (and compassion) for your brother. You may not see it, but God is doing a work not only in your life but in your brother's life as well. HE does want you to have compassion for your brother in his brokenness even in the times you least feel like it. Again, the broken plates in this dream represent your brother's brokenness. I hope by seeing that, it will fill you full of compassion for your brother.

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