ten thousand pound cheque

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ten thousand pound cheque

Post by juewls davis 777 on Sun May 23, 2010 5:30 pm

Hi all,
I had a very strange dream last night, that I was reminded of today when my friend told me she had gone to see her father after 10 years.
In the dream I remember lots of intertwining events taking place. I was in a prison type place, but I had been released. I was frustrated because I had to get my clothes and get some where on time. I was running late and then at that time I was in a taxi, asking him how long it would take him to take me back to the prison to get my belongings. I was very frustrated. There was huge talk about all these people receiving lots of money for being a part of something. I don't remember what. I remember a man in the dream who I do know in real life. I said to him Oh well if I get any money I would have to give it to you anyway. we laughed. I don't know why I would have to give it to him??? Then cheques were being handed out. I had a cheque for ten thousand pounds and some. I was shocked to get a cheque and very happy! It was written to me in my maiden name. The guy I know in real life, did not receive a cheque. We searched and searched. I didn't want to give him any money now. Then it became apparent that now I had this money/cheque it meant that my dad was dead. I was very happy to have the money, but sad that I had never met my dad. Any ideas???

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