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Post by Katrina1 on Sun May 23, 2010 7:18 am

Hi there,

I had a dream a couple of hours ago that is really taunting me. It started when my fiance and I were sitting outside in a park that had seats of rows of 3's. I dropped my cellphone so got out of my seat and reached for it. When I got up there was a huge dove sitting in the first seat, my fiance in the middle, and mine was at the other end. Next thing I know, the dove's face was right up to mine. I panicked and grabbed it by the neck. It frantically flapped its wings and tried to poke me in the eye. I let go and it flew at the top of the building. I looked at my fiance and he told me the dove said it would come back in 2 years.

Please, I'm begging for someone to interpret my dream. I know in the bible, doves are symbols of the holy spirit. I also know that birds pecking at someone's eyes meant something horrific.


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Post by Palmira Gutierrez on Thu May 27, 2010 6:21 am

My name is Pam. I am not a master interpreter. I have some concerns regarding your dream. These are not direct words from God, but words to prayerfully consider and reflect upon.

Cellphone: Communication with God; prayer

Seats/Chairs: Position of Authority
God(dove) should be first in your life, your significant others should be second. And you last.
This is about setting proper priorities in your life. God should come first.

Dove at your face: God is trying to get your attention. You seem to be resisting his promptings or urgings. He wants you to open your eyes to something. Might be about the priorities in your life.

Will come back in two years: God is not giving up on you.

This could be a warning dream. Is your fiance a God fearing man?
Has God been speaking to you regarding this relationship, but maybe you are resisting His leading?

I would pray about the words I have spoken. And please remember: These words of mine are not a direct word from God.

May the Lord bless and protect you and open your eyes to see what He is trying to reveal to you. Please don't resist His leading because your resistance could lead to destruction.

Palmira Gutierrez
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