text message without sender: the queen is visiting?

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text message without sender: the queen is visiting?

Post by traveller on Sat May 22, 2010 11:12 pm

I am puzzled about this dream. Have thought and prayed about it for a couple of weeks now but not getting much closer. Please share if the HS leads you to. Thank you!
First scene: My husband and I were in an apartment in my home country. I was with one of my sisters-in-law organizing some of my clothes. I'd already packed up a bag but found another pile of my (old)clothes in a walk-in-robe. Amongst them was an old blue skirt that had become very wide. I commented:if I'd known I still had a blue skirt I would't have had to buy that new one I did recently(true irl) but when I picked it up from the pile, I noticed it looked so wide like the elastic had totally gone, so I was glad I'd bought a new one anyway. I still tried on this old one (and noticed more clearly it was blue and white with flowers on it) but that's also when I noticed in particular that the elastic was too worn as the skirt fell of me if I didn't hold it up. When it fell down/when I put it down my bottom was bare.. .My sister-in-law was still there with me and saw me but somehow I didn't mind that she saw me like that. This whole scene happened in this walk-in-robe. I then told her about my husband not liking skirts but that he would get over that:)
Next scene:
My husband and I were planning our schedule for the next day(as we were on holidays there). We'd just decided to go somewhere, but then we got a text message. I thought it had come from an (unsaved) lady I know. The text message said that this morning the queen (of that country) had just announced she was going to be in the capital city on a surprise visit and that she'd be walking around there..
Eventhough originally I thought to know who'd sent the text, when we looked at the text it did not have a sender.. We were surprised about the announcement and somehow sorry we were going to miss out on the royal visit, but we still stuck with the other plans for the day.
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