Destruction had his way

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Destruction had his way

Post by lucygirl on Sat May 22, 2010 7:11 pm

Last year while my husband and I were houseparents at a children's ranch, I've had several dreams. Mostly about being physically attacked by evil, or a warning about pending destruction. One night in particular I saw a strange man (De-struction)standing at a door. A man of the house (authority) opened the door. Destruction was dressed in a black coat and a black hat. He looked like an ordinary man. Authority stepped aside as Destruction handed him a box of snakes and proceded to walk over to a small boy. Destruction covered the boy with his coat and coughed on him, and when the coat was pulled away, the boy was as white as a ghost.
So, I told this dream to the director of this children's home. He acted like I was from Mars and politely asked me not to share this dream with anyone else on staff or the boys we were taking care of. I said o.k. but otherwise would not be afriad of what people thought of me. (I've always been a little odd).
I prayed, but I also felt like it was up to the authority over this ranch to pray and divert destruction. A few weeks later we were being dismissed and the ranch shut down. I hate to see such wonderful places, so full of peace and safety for children, go that route. It was a Christian facility and the enemy hated what we were doing in the lives of troubled boys.
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