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Post by kimberlynich on Sat May 22, 2010 2:21 pm

Hi Friends-

Hopefully someone's insight will give confirmation.

I am waiting with a man and a woman (don't know them). We are waiting for a bus to pick us up, we are going to take a test.

I decide to go inside a building to use the bathroom before the bus arrives. I'm in the bathroom and become disgusted because someone had urinated all over the toilet seat. I grab the toilet tissue to clean the seat and notice that urine is over a portion of the the toilet tissue. Disgusted, I unroll the the toilet tissue until it gets to a part that doesn't have urine on it. I clean the toilet seat and use the bathroom.

As I leave the bathroom I go and ask for a #2 pencil in-case I need it for the test because I didn't have one. I leave the building and notice that the man and woman who were waiting for the bus with me are gone. I walk to the corner and see the bus, it had left me while I was in the building.

I go back inside the building to get the address to where the bus was taking us for the test so I could drive there myself. Mrs. Matthews (my niece & nephews kindergarten teacher) is sitting at the desk, so I ask her and she says "the bus was going to Virginia." I reply "We were going all the way to Virgina to take the test." She says "yes." I say, "I can't drive there today, I am not prepared to drive all the way to Virgina for this test. I didn't have the work done on my car to drive that far, I won't take the test."

Mrs. Matthews says "you need to take the test, it's going to show/prove that you know what you are doing, what you already know."

I wake up.

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