oil annointing

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oil annointing

Post by Winnie on Sat May 22, 2010 1:27 pm

I dreamed my best friend and I were walking in a big open filed / park. It was winter because the grass was all thin, dry and brown. There was only one little building which reminds of a public toilet but only have a big white basin in it. Next to the basin was three big 25litre containers filled with oil.
Two other people that I know approached us and my friend started a conversation the female. The other person, Neville is his name said to me I must join him and led me to the outbuilding I mentioned. I was busy telling him about my grievences in the frienship relationship with my friend when he said I must be quit and told me to bend with my head over the basin, then he started to pour oil over my head out of a jug. He did this three times. My hear was soaked with the oil and it ran like water off my hair and face, the third time he massaged the oil into my hair and scull.

Then I woke up amazed and troubled wondering what the meaning of this dream is.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can give me an interpretation of this dream

Winnie Kriek

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Re: oil annointing

Post by One Door on Sat May 22, 2010 2:33 pm

I have not taken the accuracy test. This is what I see in your dream.
Winter represents: what is dead, cold, unfriendly.
The name Neville means "Compassionate Spirit". The Lord is full of compassion for us, especially the hurting. God has great compassion for you. (If only we could have the compasion for each other as He has for us!) You said the oil "ran like water"; this tells me the oil was clear and along with the contents of the dream, I believe this represents a healing being done in your life.

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