hotel water slide and a dentist chair

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hotel water slide and a dentist chair

Post by Angelwings on Fri May 21, 2010 7:50 pm

I had a dream that I was riding a few water slides or possibly the same slide over again a few what seemed to be a hotel. I don't remember seeing too much water, it could have been a regular slides but for some reason I feel like they were water slides. I was able to see in to the a room of the hotel as I was going down the slide. I saw 3 of my husbands relatives sitting in a dentist chair. They were all 3 sitting together in one chair. I believe they were 2 aunts and an uncle. The relatives in his dream do not resemble his real life least that I know of because there are some relatives I have not met, I've only seen pictures. But in the dream I knew they were my husbands relatives.
There were a few things in the way as I was riding down....I had to move them out of the way or I had to move around them myself. I remember using an elevator at one point. It was strange because it seemed like a tree house style elevator (if that makes any sense). The elevator was outside, made of wood and leaves....tiki style.
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