Pregnant, Drug/Prostitution Ring, Rescue Ministry

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Pregnant, Drug/Prostitution Ring, Rescue Ministry

Post by dem on Fri May 21, 2010 3:03 pm

I dreamt that I was 5 months pregnant I was lost, and I saw the police, pull into this parking lot. I wanted to ask the police a question so I went into the parking lot to talk to him and to rest.There were these young kids of different ages up to early teens in the lot. All the kids were looking at me funny wondering why I was there. I was going to ask the police my question but he was talking to one of the teens, so I sat down on the steps waiting for my husband to pick me up. I believe the parking lot was a church parking lot that had a school on the premises. I was sitting on the steps of the school. I heard the teen trying to explain his and his friends innocence, the police wanted to arrest them. The police officer came over to me and I asked him a question. He may have wanted to know if I was involved with these kids, but he saw my condition and knew I wasnít. I overheard the officer talking to one of the kids about this drug ring leader. The drug leaderís name first name sounded familiar and I suspected it was one of my husbandís friends. His friend was supposed to meet us somewhere, but he couldnít because he had to go to work. I called my husband and asked him what was his friendís last name. He told me and I got off the phone with him. I asked this girl who was on the steps with me the guyíslast name. she claimed she didnít know, but I knew she was lieing. I told her to not just think about herself, but all the kids lives that this guy is ruining with these drugs. I told her she has a future, and these kids have a future, donít listen to what those dealers are saying. They donít want you to succeed, the life your living isnít all there is, God has so much better for you. She told me the guyís last name, and it was the same name as my husbandís friend. I knew it was the same person, because the place where my husbandís friend was working was where the drug set was. I told the police I knew where they could find this guy. The police was so relieved that they could finally get this guy, and thought this whole situation was strange. I told the police officer, I donít believe in coincidences, that God sent me here for this very purpose. I knew there must have been a reason for me to be sitting in this parking lot. I found out that my husbandís friend not only was a drug ring leader, but also had a human trafficking ring. There was this church ministry that rescued young girls from these rings and put them in a safe place. I became involved in the ministry helping to rescue these girls. We would go into these buildings where the girls were at night and take them with us back to our ministry base. There we would love and take care of them, and try to get them back on their feet. We wouldnít force our beliefs on them, but would ask them if they would like to join us in prayer or bible study. Eventually, the girls would end up getting saved, and delivered. The leaders of the traffick ring found out where we were staying, and were on their way to raid us. I was walking around making sure all the doors were secure. I was looking out the window and saw the sun and moon in the sky simultaneously. It was daytime, and I never saw anything like that. The moon was significantly larger than the sun. I wanted to take a picture of it, so I got my camera and went to one of the doors to take the picture. This door was different from the other doors. It was the type of double glass doors you see at neighborhood stores with the push bars. I was able to lock the doors, but the doors were flimsy, and would not stay securely in place. Someone was warning me that the ring leaders were coming and I saw Rod Parsley and some other major televangelists coming with some other men. They were all wearing black and looked evil. I told Rod Parsley I knew who he was, and I thought he was supposed to be a Christian. I told him he was supposed to be a respresentative of Christ. How could he treat the body of Christ this way? He began to get convicted and told the guys to leave us alone, and they walked away.

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