Reposting of Dream of Baby for Interpretation (Peacejoy)

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Reposting of Dream of Baby for Interpretation (Peacejoy)

Post by peacejoy on Thu May 20, 2010 8:10 pm

I am reposting this dream and asking for one of the moderators who are allowed to interpret dreams according to the ministry guidelines, to assist me with insight into my dream.

Dream: I had a dream that the doctor was showing me two pictures of a baby on a machine. The pictures were displayed as one on top of the other.

The first picture which was on top was not bright and vivid. The second picture which was on the bottom was more clearer and bigger than the picture on top. Both pictures were a black form. However, the picture on the bottom was bigger and clearer. The picture on the top was smaller and less clearer.

The doctor said I was pregnant and to look to see how far along I was. I told him that it was such a long time ago (Intimate relations) that it couldn't be. However, I knew who the father was. I went to call my friend Pernitha to show her the picture and to tell her what the doctor said. I couldn't believe it.

I had the baby. It was a baby boy. I saw the father (L) He was located. He was sitting down with a very old woman with a low cut afro which was black and gray. She was sitting down with her dauhgter. She got up angry and started to walk after (L). He was walking away from them. The lady appeared to walk with a cane or physical challenge. It did not appear that Larry was into this lady at all. It actually looked like he was glad to walk away, and was disgusted that the lady was following after him. He appeared to be shaking the woman off and didn't offer any explanations or look back. As if she was not important.

(L) was walking away from them (lady and daughter) when he found out that I had a baby. He came to see the baby. He was proud because the baby was a boy. I told him the baby doesn't have a name because both parents have to sign the birth certificate. I was walking around with the baby without a name.

Can you please assist me with the interpretation of the dream? I have written it out and utilized the basic meanings and symbols to interpret a baby dream. New work, ministry, project etc. A baby boy often speaks of a teachin or leadership ministry.

I really need assistance to secure the rest of the interpretation. Thank you in advance.

Blessings & Peace

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