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Repost: The Giant Peach Tree

Post by MaddCB on Thu May 20, 2010 10:57 am

Hi ya'll,

The dream I had was pretty much very peaceful and weird at the same time. In my dream, My fiance(now husband) and I are living in a combination of my great grandma house and his grandma house. Most of the action of the dream takes place in the kitchen and the backyard. I'm standing in the my great grandma's kitchen, fixing my husband something to drink because he's been very busy mowing the front and back yards. I give a glass to our son to take to his father. I'm pregnate, expecting our third apparently. I walk out to backyard and I can't stop staring at my great grandma's peach tree. It was full of peaches! I also got a sense of peace and that every thing we'll ever need or want is and will be provided for. The backyard looked like it used to look like when my great grandma was alive, full of flowers and a peach tree. The front yard had oak trees and sunflowers. It was the peach tree that stood out the most, because after my great grandma passed away(she was 102!) the tree stopped blooming and producing fruit, and the yard wasn't an "Eden" anymore. The sunflowers are special too, because my great grandma front yard was full of sunflowers and so was my fiance's grandma front yard full of sunflowers.
Third BEST dream ever had! I guess the tree was as old as my great grandma, it was there when my grandma was born and was there right up to day my great grandma died.

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