Just saying Hello :)

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Just saying Hello :)

Post by mollied on Wed May 19, 2010 9:03 pm


Just thought i'd say Hello like the topic asks :)

Today is the first day I have been here and i have slowly made my way through reading the rules, regulations, 101 etc - which were all really helpful and great to read.

I guess the reason i decided to join is becuase i have been dreams every night that have raised some questions in me. Some are similar or recurring. Some are bad dreams, some are just strange. I am still working on discerning whether they are "pizza dreams", God dreams or otherwise. And though i don't want to jump in and start putting them out there on this board just yet (though at some point, would like to), i thought i would hang out here a bit and see if i get some insight.

I have also had a little bit of experience of having come true. Mostly just minor things such as seeing something happen in a dream and then through my day the next day that has come to pass, or i have seen the same image.

There has only been one time when i have dreamt something MAJOR that has come to pass - I didn't know quite how to handle it as it was the first time something so big had come to pass - and since i didn't think when i had the dream that it would happen, i didn't put any prayer etc into the dream - then when it happened, i realised it was too late to do that. After reading some of what you wrote i now realise how important it is to pray about things that happen in our dream and intercede for others or ourselves.

Anyway, this was just meant to be "Hello", so i will stop writing now :)

Thanks for creating such a place - there are so many dream interpretation sites etc out there that are not influenced by The Holy Man, so it's so great to find one that is.

Thank you,


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Re: Just saying Hello :)

Post by Delightful soul on Thu May 20, 2010 4:11 am

Hey Mollie,

Nice to meet you on here!

Bless you heaps!
Delightful soul
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