wow after posting my prayer request

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wow after posting my prayer request

Post by princessdelia on Wed May 19, 2010 1:17 pm

i lay down to take a nap and prayed again for divine revelation. as i slept i had a dream.
in my dream- i was going somewhere and i ended up on a street. i went inside the house and looked around. the owner of the house was a famous musician who was very down to earth and spent time speaking to me. i went around the house with him. He then told me the name of the street- a name that i associated with lots of money because where i lived before it was a gated community for multi-million homes.
he then pointed out the home of a talk show host. he said he would get me in so that i could see how she lived.
then i went inside with him. the house blew my mind...the bedroom was immaculaterly done, the details were immense and it was so personal. frescoes and lots of beautiful portraits of herself. as i looked at her portraits, the thot came to me that it would be potraits of myself and my son if it were my home. (i am not sure whether it was when or if it were my home)
i continued to go around the home, i found out that she did the taping of her show at the house and i was intrigued i wanted to attend it. (i then got the idea that it would be a good idea to see how she did what she did) and normally u have to get tickets ahead of time. i prayed and spoke to the security guys and they granted me tickets. i was so amazed at the favor- i praised God over and over. it felt so surreal being there- like i was meant to be there for a purpose. infact i called my sister and asked her to quickly come to see the show with me, and she said i wont miss it. we were both so excited.
i have no idea how this dream ties to my purpose- except that i know that the name of the street was said so clearly to me which to me was telling me something.

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