Planned Parenthood could not be shut down.

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Planned Parenthood could not be shut down.

Post by steadygaze on Wed May 19, 2010 11:27 am

Hi friends.

I posted four dreams on here and none of them got interpreted am hoping for confirmation on this one.


I was with the head leader of Planned parenthood who was a women. This guy
was with me but he would appear and disappear. This guy and I would meet and
talk about how to shut down these buildings of Planned Parenthood that
were little hole in the wall places where Planned parenthood would work out of,
we would shovel dirt over them as if we were burying them. There were these two
huge big old buildings that this head lady wanted to open for new planned
parenthood buildings. This lady was in my car and I was trying to drive her away
from these two huge old buildings to stop Planned Parenthood from progressing
but this head lady of Planned Parenthood would fight me to take her in my car to
those two old big buildings and it was like this force that I could not go
against which was her will for these building's it was strange.It was like I
could not stop her will or go against it. So I drove her to these two old
buildings and she began to paint the old big buildings with the old traditional
blue paint of the old Planned parenthood. I was watching her from my car with
the guy who was sitting next to me shaking my head grieved that Planned
Parenthood could not be stopped.

I have a sense of what this means but would like to hear if you get

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