floating up in gym class

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floating up in gym class

Post by Nyagali on Wed May 19, 2010 7:20 am

This dream seems to be a bit obvious to me but maybe someone has some incite.

It had a lead up where I was running and then in a “gym class” with kids, some messy, disorganized stuff going on. Then I was in the class with adults. Some were sitting on the floor cross-legged and some were sitting on a couch or chairs. There was a teacher/leader there but their presence was vague, just a sense that someone was leading. I don’t recall the topic or faces of people I knew, or the purpose, or what we were being taught, just that we were in a room together, listening. I had a sense it was a gym, but we were listening, not working out. Then 2 men who were cross-legged on the floor floated up in the air above our heads. Then a man on my left side did too. In the dream I felt as surprised as if this was in real life! I was in awe, there they were in the air, legs still crossed floating up. The 3rd man was surprised and seemed happy that he was going up too.

Next scene, it was break or lunch time and I was coming back in my car to the class. I knew I should have turned on a street to get there but the car kept going, I got lost, going down roads farther away. Then I was in the mountains. I looked up and it was beautiful. I could see the city below. I saw a man on one side jump into the ocean and swim. Then we were driving on snow with tracks and kept going sort of fast. I was in awe at the scenery and said to myself that I could look around because I wasn’t driving.

Then I’m going back in the class and now lots of people are wanting to come to this class, of course! It was hard to find a seat. An older couple were in the spot I was going to sit down at and they got up and left and said, “we don’t need this thing”. I sat down and had a sense I was holding a child or baby but couldn’t really see it. As soon as the teacher (again a vague person) started to talk I was lifted up, I grabbed my husbands hand as I was going up and said, “if I’m going up so are you!” I knew he doubted, or was discouraged, but he started to float up with me. End of dream!
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