Robbery in the appartment!!!

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Robbery in the appartment!!!

Post by nubava on Tue May 18, 2010 11:04 pm

My mother, sister and I were in the room when our neighbor from our old apartment told us that there was robbery in our old apartment (IRL the apartment exists but we do not live there) that we should go and see. While I rushed to see what had happened, he was telling me that 57 homeless people had attacked the apartment and have taken from there almost everything. I saw lots of people in the building while going to our apartment and eventually I saw my father in the hallway. He looked younger, with thick black hair. He hugged me very warmly and he told me that in that even to keep a gun in the apartment was not safe. I could not understand how could this happen and someone told me that we had forgotten to change the locks or to get back the keys from someone.

I wonder if this dream is symbolic or literal?
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