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I was on a street where I met my peers from university. At first I didnít want them to recognize me but when they did, I said Hi, etc. Then all of us appeared at a table, we were discussing something and one of the girls asked the other whether she had decided anything about her education for Fall. The second girl told that she had prepared the documents, etc. Then the first girl asked whether the second girl had told her father about THAT story. The second girl could not remember what story and the first girl started murmuring but I couldnít hear anything.

Then a very angry lady came, she was angry at me, saying how I could give two counterfeit documents. I was explaining that everything was fine with the documents. But she wouldnít listen. She told me it was too late and that I needed to run away and that someone had put an evil curse on me. I told her it couldnít be true as I had checked all my coats and they were fine and whole (I do not know why coats). She told me that the curse was put on the coat I hadnít been wearing. So we were talking while we were quickly walking and I got afraid of what she told me. I thought how I was going to go back alone, especially now when there was danger. Right then I met my pastorís younger son and I asked him to see me off as I was scared. But instead he gave a strong kiss in the cheek and told me that he couldnít and asked me next time to let him know beforehand and he would gladly see me off. So I came back alone and I was really scared. I entered a building and started going up the stairs when I noticed an evil guy who was waiting for me. He came out of somewhere in the building and he started going up the stairs very calmly as if he knew he was going to get me. I was in panic and when I was already on the last floor and there was nowhere to go I saw four doors, each door had four doorbells. I started ringing the doorbells one after another. But no one opened the doors. When I rang the bell of the fourth door I saw light behind the door and I thought that may be someone was home and would open the door. The sound of the bells was so loud and real. While I was ringing the bells that guy was coming up closer and closer.
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