Old clothes replaced by new !!!

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Old clothes replaced by new !!!

Post by king Rex on Tue May 18, 2010 12:44 am

In my dream it seemed i was walking in a mall, suddenly an unknown woman and a man (IRL was my former technology teacher) approached me with an offer to be a radio presenter (IRL I desire to work in a radio station as a presenter but has never had the chance or breakthrough to do it). Then they told me I will do that in English instead of Dutch. (IRL i am English living in a dutch country). I was excited since it has been a long desire dream of mine then they gave me new white clothes then i changed. I was then directed to a high table to start my broadcasting, as i approached the table the place changed and it seemed i was in a quiet neighborhood in Africa, the sun was scorchly shining, the table was set for me to broadcast on a hill and behind me stood a gigantic frying pan with plantains being fried. Then i sat down and began my broadcast.

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Re: Old clothes replaced by new !!!

Post by Godchick on Tue May 18, 2010 2:39 am

I hve been studying dreams for about 3 years now. I hve not done the dream interpretation test, but am learning. Please pray about what follows...

I think this dream coul be quite symbolic. The dreams drips with promotion, and favour... The new clothes could represent renewal and white generally represents clenliness and holiness. You given a 'new position' a new title. And what you get promoted to is a desire of your heart. God may be giving you the desires of your heart, (if the dream is prophetic) or he could be awakening those desires more.

Africa reminds me of the mission field (coming from a western mindset). So whatever you are promoted to, evangelism will be a part of it. The frying of the food reminds me of blessing (fried food is rich, yummy, and the plantains are sweet like bananas, which are rich when fried - they caramelise). The sum reminds me of blessing and prosperity, "the Lord is a sun and a shield; the Lord bestows favour and honor; no good thing does He withold whose walk is blameless". Psalm 84

Have you felt like the Lord has forgotten you? Thy he blesses other but not you?perhaps God is telling you that he is not forgetting you, or your hearts desires, though they appear to be on the shelf. Blessing, fvour and abundance will come soon, and with it a sort of renewal (clothing) and new level in God. I believe a new season of blessing is approaching for you...

Please pray about what I have said, those are just my humble thoughts. Please let me know if any of this resonates with you :)

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