What does this mean?!?!

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What does this mean?!?!

Post by marimbagirl07 on Mon May 17, 2010 11:45 pm

I was at my house and asked back at my previous job at a restaurant, but the menu and the environment were different the restaurant was empty. My sister was eating spaghetti in a corner that was kind of iffy with some garlic bread. I was back home and my husband and I went to sleep and when I woke up it was 6:44, i was supposed to go in at 6 so I tried to wake him up but he went back to sleep, somehow I did too and woke back up at 7:44. I got mad and yelled at him because we were almost 2 hours late. I went to go look for clothes but all the clothes was small and skimpy and i couldnt find anything to wear, and for some reasn i was looking for a toilet in the closet, i felt like it should be there but wasnt. Then I looked at the time and saw that it was 8:44. I was really mad at my husband because he was watching tv. instead of getting ready but he was dressed all in black, he kept telling me that he understood my anger and that it was ok. Then my mother in law yelled that we had a visitor. It was an ex boyfriend of mine, he was dressed all in white and he was barefoot. My husband asked him what he was doing there and he said his brother and him got into a fight and he got kicked out of his house and he didnt have a place to live, my husband said he'll do what he can. we started walking toward the front door, when i tripped because i didnt see the stairs going down, they were barely put there and they were holow, there was also a new raised living room, i asked who put them there and my brother in law said "the guy that did the wood." When we got outside my husband was on the phne and said he was trying to call a friend but he never answered. it was dark outside and my ex asked me what i was doing before he got there, i told him trying to get ready for work but it was late, he told me it was alright because they only need one cook after 9 because its dead and he can handle it. Then my sister came by and my ex asked if i had seen her car, i said no, she walked up to a fenced area and there were some cars there, they were hers and one of them was a black limo, but she chose to ride a red and white moped instead. I looked in my hand and i had some rings, they looked like fake gold. i was at the stand in my yard with another lady trying to sell jewelry, especially these 5 rings that make up 1 ring. Then a guy that looks like a regular from the restaurant said he wanted something but i said no and he got mad and said "you got a bad review" i didnt know what he was talking about and he handed me a card with a review saying that he was a secret shopper. i explained to him that i thought he was one of the regulars, then he smiled and was missing a tooth. another man came and wanted to buy a jade necklace and they were both wanting to get it but i said no. one of the guys changed his mind and wanted a quartz one in the shape of a fang, i had the matching clear one in my hand. all of the sudden i was at a soccer stadium sitting with Del Way with our backs to the crowd, there were some kids in the field and one of them was dressed as a grape juicy juice box and there was a real big juicy juice box, my mother in law was trying to stick her head in the hole for the face in the kids costume. The song Grannys gonna run was playing and i told Del way how much i likedit and he said he hated it. I was a jamaican guy with dreads and a red sticker covering his mouth. he kept yanking it off and yelling "naw man" and putting it back on. he had big white donkey teeth. i didnt know why he was yelling so i read on a poster on the wall that every time he did that it was a warning and there were 7 warnings, each penalty worse than the last. then i remembered he had already yelled 3-5 times.

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