Need Interpretation, help!!..Repost Me in a 2nd floor window waiting for a man in uniform, stood up at a party, and a dead body

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Need Interpretation, help!!..Repost Me in a 2nd floor window waiting for a man in uniform, stood up at a party, and a dead body

Post by cbvirtuous on Mon May 17, 2010 8:54 pm

In real life, I met a man online on a christian dating site. We met 2 years ago, at the time I was living in Georgia and he was living in Ohio. I live in virginia now.

#1 My dream....About 3 months after I met him 2 years ago in the flesh, december 2oo8, I dreamt I was standing in some house 2nd floor at the window, I knew it was supposed to be my home by the way it felt, it was a twin or duplex, it felt like. It felt good, like home to me and it was a peaceful, settled feeling there. I was looking out of a 2nd floor window. He walked toward the front door of the house and looked up at me, but he was in a dark colored uniform. In the dream I felt excited he was coming. It felt as though in the dream when he was walking to the doorstep, he was coming home, like the home maybe was ours. It was a comforting feeling, it felt like hed gotten off work and was returning home, but Im not absolutely sure because there was no indication in the dream we were married and id never live with someone out of wedlock that way. So the scenery switches to us in bed, making love. It seemed very tender yet passionate. At first it seemed I was not in my body but I was watching us. Iam not detailing this to be inappropriate, only to obtain clarity. So I will tastefully explain. What stood out to me was that our arms were outstretched side to side, like when we do arm circles...he was laying above me and both our arms were outstretched wide and our hands were clasped on both sides. Then it seemed as though I was in my body and could feel our hands clasped. Then I woke up and I wasnt sure if we were married in the dream or not, so it kind of disturbed me at the thought of us being one flesh out of lust not divine covenant. ......At the time of this dream, I must note, he was a student at a christian school studying psychology. My first thought when I awoke was that in the dream he was a firefighter, or officer, I knew it was something of a noble service career but neither seemed logical to me. Well I found out he joined the Navy and enlisted, when he told me several weeks later and asked me what I thought of his decision. He is now stationed in virginia for his first year, about a year after him telling me of his enlistment. He is now stationed ten minutes from my home in virginia which did not resemble the one in the dream although i am on the second floor. We are not dating at this time.

#2 During the time we were still involved I had a second dream in summer of 2oo9 in which we were at a party at someones home. Iam mingling with guests and then I realize he is gone. I am saying to myself, where is my date, where did he go. I go outside and see him walking angrily and fast out, jump into a car in the parking lot next to the house and he speeds off angrily. I felt embarrassed, shocked and scared not knowing what to do because he was my date and my ride. I go back into the house and see a friend of mine named Bethany, whom I used to attend church with in Georgia. Bethany also radiates purity to me and righteousness, a very sweet girl in her early twenties. I tell Bethany, he just left me here. She tells me something like, some girl hurt him once or cheated on him or left him to be with another guy or she left with another guy and he went looking for her. He was so angry looking when he left it was like he lost all sense of not being selfish by leaving me at the party like I was insignificant. When I go back inside another girl mentions something about knowing about how he is about that situation, as if it is common knowledge he is consumed with anger at this girl who was at the party who wronged him. I was not happy in the dream but tried to put on a good face and was wondering how Id get home. I felt empty and went out again to look for him, but hed left in someone elses car, not his. His car is red, but he sped off in a silver one. I did find out prior to this dream he was assaulted by an older woman who ended up being a con artist and liar only interested in taking his virginity. She told him he meant nothing to her after hed planned to wait until marriage and she later tried to hit on his roommate. This occured ten years ago when he was 19. This has affected him greatly and he carries very heavy wounds from it. It was the cause and source of many of the issues we had and erratic behavior on his part when we were involved.

#3 In January this year after things had fizzled out, I had a third dream, he was laying naked on a metal table, in what looked like in a coroners lab or forensic lab. He was dead. He had an open chest held open by some kind of metal apparatus. There was a figure standing over him working on his heart with surgical instruments. I could not see a face on the figure but only the hands and a figure. They had a doctors labcoat on. God then spoke to me these words... I am working on his heart. However this may be only literally concerning his emotional and spiritual state of heart not having anything to do with me, but Id like to know what these 3 dreams mayve meant.

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