Dreamed of Boyfriends Grandmother

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Dreamed of Boyfriends Grandmother

Post by dreamer247 on Sat May 15, 2010 8:23 am

A few nights ago I dreamed about the same guy that I have had recurring dreams about Grandmother. We were at the train station and she and I were walking side by side on the plat-form. I stopped and looked at the train which looked like i was looking through the window of the dining area of an Amtrak train but when I got close to it the train turned into the Metra train and took off. His Grandmother went over and looked down at the tracks holding the pole to keep her balance. Then it happened again, I looked into the window of another train which looked like the dining area of an Amtrak train but turned into the Metra train. Next thing I know his Grandmother and I began to walk again side by side, I dont know where we were going but we stayed side by side. (His Grandmother is a mighty woman of God. She believes in either Holiness or Hell. She is well respected as a Gospel singer all over especially in the Midwest area.) Please could someone give me an insight on this dream.
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