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Garbage Bags

Post by jecarola on Fri May 14, 2010 2:09 pm


I was sitting at a dining room table discussing a project with the project coordinator. I had a job to do and he said, don't ask a particular person to help (the person was not in the room) because he is busy on another project or not available. That person seemed to be the natural person to ask so I asked anyway. To my surprise he said yes. I then told the coordinator who winked in agreement as if pleased. I then looked down beside me and there were two white garbage bags -- one filled to the brim and smelly and the other folded over so I could not see its contents. I asked myself, why does the coordinator not throw them out? The coordinator then said, "I have to cook but before I go cooking I must get rid of the garbage." End of dream.

Please help I will appreciate your assistance.


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