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Less than half of the people who dream experience flying
dreams. The number of dreamers who have experienced a
flying dream at least one time in their lives is somewhere
between one third and one half. Flying in dreams is
defining bodily flying without the need for any type of
contraption or vehicle to aid a person's ability to fly. It could
be described as soaring like a bird without wings or flying
like Superman.

Flying dreams have been around since ancient times and
long before the invention of airplanes. Young and old,
handicap and healthy, all experience flying dreams.

Flying represents many things. Your feelings while flying
indicate the theme of the dream. With flying dreams there
is usually a deep sense of euphoria which is often prophetic
of something wonderful coming in your life. Mostly all flying
dreams among Christians will foretell an event in the near
future mirroring the exact same feelings that the dreamer
experienced in the dream.


  • freedom

  • an intense high as a result of a personal
    achievement or other personal event

  • flying can be symbolic of a prophetic dream
    representing an airplane

  • intense joy

  • prophesying an upcoming personal achievement

  • excelling in your gifting or personal abilities

  • rising above your circumstances

We want to emphasize again that the euphoric feelings in
the dream are very often prophetic of an event soon to
manifest in your life with the same intensely euphoric
feelings but perhaps to a slightly lesser degree.

Floating on air can symbolize the saying "floating on air",
note the feeling while flying and if it fits it probably is.

Picking up someone else and flying with them is to try to
bring them up to your level of happiness or freedom or
spirituality. Very likely the person whom you are trying to
carry in your flying dream will be a person who is lacking in
the area of feelings that you experience when flying.

Having trouble getting off the ground when flying may be
paralleling a time in your life when you are struggling with
the thing that you excel at.

Feeling rooted in place when you try to fly would symbolize
being stuck in your present position or situation or the
same as above.

If you are experiencing difficulties flying in your dreams the
difficulties will likely mirror a current situation in your life or it
will be foretelling an upcoming situation.

In some cases of flying, the spirit of a person has left their
body and experienced this phenomenon, much like Paul's
account of a person being possibly out of the body but in
spirit and visiting the third heavens.

I have physically left my body in my bed, have flown and
gone to the second heaven. While I was there the Holy
Spirit showed me white rocks headed for Earth and
explained that they were caught in Earth's gravity. Then,on
national radio, I prophesied what I saw and that I expected
the meteors to hit within a two week time period. Six days
later the meteors landed in India. The reason I tell this
story is to testify that it is entirely possible as a Christian to
have a real flying or out of body experience. If the flying is
an out of body experience, the event may not have a
message but instead it will simply be an experience of flying.

This article was written by Mia Sherwood and can be found at

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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