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Emotions and feelings in dreams are one of the greatest
keys to dream interpretation. Often, feelings in a dream will
be the major factor in unlocking the understanding of a
dream. One of the manifestations of divine revelation is
through emotion, which makes acknowledging emotion
crucial in dream interpretation.

If you've used the worksheet and interpreting through
emotions doesn't bring understanding. Ask yourself, am I
feeling this now?
If so, the entire interpretation will come
quickly once the source of the feelings is pinpointed.

If you aren't feeling this way, ask yourself, is this an area
that I struggle with?
Is this particular feeling a stronghold
in my life? If so, the dream is a call to prayer. Pray for
deliverance in that area.

A person struggling with fear might have a dream that
seems very realistic, but instead of it being literally prophetic
of events that will occur, it could be prophetic of feelings,
evil forebodings, or imaginings that the dreamer may

For example: A person dreams that they are at a party and
they cut their foot on some glass, an artery is cut and
sprays blood all over the place and they are terrified.

The real life fulfillment is: the person is at a party, they SEE
a large, pile of broken mirror on the ground, feel intense
relief that they did not cut their foot on the glass and think
what would have happened if they did. The dream
portrayed their fears to come in a situation that was in their

If neither of these scenarios seem to fit, then the
dream is most likely prophesying an event in the future.

The feelings, words spoken, and emotions present in the
dream and upon awakening will be what triggers the memory
of the dream during the real life fulfillment of the dream.

A good example of depending on the feelings and words in
a dream to trigger understanding is below. The symbolism
in this particular dream would have made it nearly
impossible to understand the dream without direct revelation
from the Lord because the people in the dream have not
been in contact with the dreamer in a decade.

I was in the back of my own car with two people I knew from
my past. In the front of the car were two guys from my past.
One I went to school with as a teen. So, we are driving and
about to get on the highway and a cop stops us and
proceeds to search my car but only the back seat.
She (the cop) tells me to get out of my own car, she throws me and the stuff I had in the
car out of the car, my friends then DRIVE OFF! So I'm left there with her with no place to
go then the cop starts getting friendly. She is South Asian (Indian i think) and very
attractive, but I was not attracted to her. I tell her, "I have to get home somehow". I'm in
the middle of nowhere" She says, "I live in Atlanta". I ask her to take me to the airport in
Atlanta. She agrees.

The reality: The day of the dream a person was asking him about a particular friend of his,
if his friend was attractive or not. The person was thinking to set the dreamer up with the
girl, unbeknown to the dreamer. His reply, "She is very attractive...." but he clarified it to
make sure the person asking didn't think he was saying it because he was interested, so
he added, "but I'm not attracted to her." As a result of the question about the girl he felt
the same feelings and used the same words that he used in the dream. Because of the
similarity of the feelings from the dream along with the exact words used in both situations,
it was immediately apparent that the dream was speaking revelation knowledge to him
about the intent of the person asking if his friend was attractive.

Study Note: When interpreting a dream, START your worksheet with the feelings in the
dream and your feelings upon waking from the dream. For each element in the dream
write out ONLY your feelings leaving out all symbols, elements and situations. Write only
how EVERY element and situation made you feel. The dreamer above would have noted:

Being left with the police officer - I felt set up
Them driving off - Disbelief
Feelings about the police officer - Attractive but I was not attracted to her.
Being left with her - I need to get out of here.

If the dreamer had ignored all the symbols and just concentrated on the feelings in the
dream he would have realized sooner that his dream was about someone setting him up.

This article was written by Mia Sherwood and can be found at

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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