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Post by daphanie02 on Thu May 13, 2010 2:36 pm

Avoiding Blasphemy
The topic of demonic influence and power in dreams and
visions is one that is very important. There are many
beliefs about the power demons have in dreams that are
not biblically based. One of the reasons that I am so
passionate about not giving the devil credit for dreams is
that by doing so in error we miss what God is saying to
us. I will explain that fully later. The other reason is

Jesus and Beelzebub
20Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd
gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able
to eat. 21When his family heard about this, they went to
take charge of him, for they said, "He is out of his mind."
22And the teachers of the law who came down from
Jerusalem said, "He is possessed by Beelzebub[c]! By the
prince of demons he is driving out demons."
23So Jesus called them and spoke to them in parables:
"How can Satan drive out Satan? 24If a kingdom is divided
against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25If a house is
divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26And if
Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his
end has come. 27In fact, no one can enter a strong man's
house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up
the strong man. Then he can rob his house. 28I tell you
the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be
forgiven them. 29But whoever blasphemes against the Holy
Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin."
30He said this because they were saying, "He has an evil

In the above verse, the Pharisees gave credit to beelzebub
for what the Holy Spirit was doing. Jesus’ remarks tell us
that it was the Holy Spirit Whom was the force that was
driving out the demons but the Pharisees said it was not
so. The Pharisees misplaced and disparaging credit was
blasphemy. When the Pharisees gave credit to Beelzebub
for driving out the demons, when it was actually the Holy
Spirit, they blasphemed the Holy Spirit. If we call a dream
demonic when it is not, a dream which is actually a work of
the Holy Spirit, is that not the same as blasphemy? I urge
you to be careful in this matter.

I realize that some of us have made mistakes of this kind, in
ignorance, giving credit (glory) which belonged to God
where it did not belong. Thank GOD He is faithful to
forgive our ignorance. If you’ve done this in the past, be
comforted by the following verse:

1 Timothy 1:13
Even though I was once a blasphemer ............I was shown
mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.

We need to be very careful with our words. The bible says a tongue no man can tame
and in an abundance of words there is much transgression, and that we will be judge for
every idle (having no value or producing no goodness) word that we speak. Please be
careful not to give credit to a demon for something that God may very well be responsible

Did the devil really do it?
Many people write in about dreams which they believe are
demonic in origin but much to their surprise they often find
that their perspective may have distorted the real message
behind the dream. People often approach a dream with the
perspective that it is demonic, in error, and as a result they
miss what God is saying because they completely tune out
the true message as a result of the error in their perspective.

Following is an example of a dream that was easy to believe
was demonic in origin:

I had a dream one early morning that a demon had pieces
of a woman’s face stuck to it. The demon had tried
disguising itself as a woman who genuinely cared about me.
She grabbed my face with both palms on my cheeks and
said this to me: "If you trusted less, you would be closer to
Jesus." I knew she was a demon though trying to tell me
lies. When I woke up, i thought it was a dream from a
demon or satan. What the demon was saying was a twisted
thing. I could have brushed it off as a demonic dream, but it
didn’t make sense to me, it really didn’t register in my spirit
when I prayed about it. Later that day one of my good
friends called me up and said some really twisted things to
me. She was trying to help me, but the things she said were
really twisted. The way she went about teaching/preaching
to me was just backwards and twisted.

I know Mia, so I let her know about the dream. It hadn't
occurred to me to make the connection between the dream I’
d had that night and what had happened that day. I never
told Mia what happened that day until after she interpreted
the dream. It was exactly what I needed because I was
concerned about my friend. It was also the confirmation I
needed to have peace about the situation and to pray for
my friend. What my friend (not Mia) had said to me earlier
that day had not been inspired by God, but the demonic.
The dream was not from a demon, but in fact a warning from
God about demonic activity that was going on around me
which was trying to effect my life in a bad way

This dream is a good example of thinking a dream was
demonic. When Tweed told me this dream the first thing that
came to mind was maybe that this was just a real, spiritual,
manifestation of a demon. Then, the Lord reminded me that
if we did not see it in the bible it was not left out
accidentally. If it was not in the bible then it is not biblical.

In the bible, there is no example of a person assuming a
dream was demonic nor were there any examples of
demons responsible for creating dreams. As a result of
that prompting, we changed our perspective. Let's look at
this from a biblical perspective, as a type of dream the bible
defines. It was either a.) a prophetic dream, b.) a messagedream, or c.) a worry/busyness dream. In Tweed's case it was prophetic and a message

While seeking understanding about this dream the Lord impressed upon me, Look at it
through a different lens, look at it as though it was not the manifestation of a demon. The
moment I did what the Lord was prompting me to do it became completely obvious what
the interpretation was. I told Tweed the interpretation. Her response was, “That is exactly
what happened after I woke up! That is exactly what happened to me today after I had
that dream!"

When she first looked at the dream her thought was, UGH. She just was wishing that she
didn’t dream that dream and was blaming it on the devil. She was missing the message of
encouragement that God was trying to give her.

What happened in reality: Tweed dreamed the above dream. Later in the day, someone
she loves spoke harsh words to her. Tweed had thought that perhaps the Lord was
speaking through the person because the friend was Christian. The words spoken to her
by this friend upset her badly and were weighing on her heavily. Without knowing what
happened to her that day, she received the interpretation that someone was going to tell
her something that sounded "christian-y" but that their "well meaning 'godly'
advice/direction" was backwards and not from God.

When Tweed was given the interpretation to her dream she immediately knew what it was
correct because the interpretation described exactly what had just happened in her life a
few hours prior. It was so fresh in her life, that she was still suffering the emotional turmoil
from the encounter foretold in the dream and described in the interpretation. What had
happened to her that day lined up perfectly with the interpretation. She realized that God
was telling her through the dream, “Those words which seemed like they were Godly were
not from Me. You don’t have to receive that message.” The truth immediately set her free.
If she were not upset she might have thought, ‘Okay, what
this person said does not line up with God’s character and
the word of God. It was not edifying, constructive, loving,
etc., so I refuse to receive this. ’ Then, she could have
gone on with her day after realizing that the source of
those words was not God. But, because she was upset
she did not think any of those thoughts. Many of us know
when we are in the middle of a situation it is hard to see the
forest for the trees and that is exactly what happened to
Tweed. She was in the middle of a situation and not able
to see it clearly.

This dream and subsequent situation so effectively testify to
how great God is and that He is our source. He knows
where and when we will need help in advance. Through
this dream to Tweed, God was ever faithful to give her what
she needed before she would even need it! Before the
situation ever occurred, God knew she would be upset
about the conversation. Before the conversation ever took
place He answered her dilemma and gave her everything
she would need to be able to throw the emotional burden
off of her. That very morning, God had sent her a
message of truth before she needed it and as a result He
had assured that she would know the truth and the truth
would set her free.

If you have a dream that you think is demonic, ask
yourself? Could my perspective be wrong?

Demons - Physical Attack
The theme of demons in dreams goes beyond simple
symbols into the actual manifestation of demonic attack
while sleeping.

A major phenomenon experienced all over the world with
respect to demonic manifestation is referred to by the
scientific community in our culture as "sleep paralysis".

Sleep paralysis is defined by Wikipedia as:

Sleep paralysis is a common condition characterized by
transient partial or total paralysis of skeletal muscles and
areflexia that occurs upon awakening from sleep or less
often while falling asleep. Stimuli such as touch or sound
may terminate the episode, which usually has a duration of
seconds to minutes

Physiologically, it is closely related to the paralysis that
occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement)
sleep, which is known as REM atonia. Sleep paralysis
occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the
bodily paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully
conscious, but unable to move. In addition, the state may
be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic
or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger [3]. Sleep
paralysis is particularly frightening to the individual due to
the vividness of such hallucinations[4].

In layman's terms, sleep paralysis feels as though you are
being held down or sat on, completely unable to move,
speak, or see but are totally conscious of your
surroundings in spite of the inability to see or move.

As a bible believing Christian, and one who has
experienced this phenomenon personally, I am certain
there is a spiritual explanation for it. In my experience, in
addition to the sleep paralysis, simultaneously present is a
thick tangible manifestation of demonic spirits. Some
people see them, others do not.

Many people have written in for an interpretation to this
experience as though it were a dream or a vision asking
what the meaning is or how to stop the dreams from

The aforementioned experience is not a dream or a vision
it is reality. It is a demonic attack on a person while they
are asleep.

Biblically, the devil was able to physically take Jesus to a
high place, a messenger of Satan was sent to buffet Paul,
and there was demonic power which prevented Paul from
achieving missionary goals that he would have liked to
achieve thus establishing a biblical basis for a real present
enemy who still has power available to him even if he has
lost his authority.
Very often the manifestation of these attacks is commonly after the person attacked has
made a decision to follow the Lord, when they have renewed their faith, or when they
have made a decision to go deeper in the things of God. It is as though the spirit
responsible for the attack is trying to prevent the spiritual advancement of the individual

At this point, the natural question is, How do you prevent it and/or rebuke it?

Call on the name of the Lord in the midst of such an attack. If you cannot use your mouth
to do so, using your heart to call out His name is equally, if not more, effective. I have
personally experienced this manifestation in the past. When my voice wouldn't work,
calling on the name of the Lord with all of my heart not only halted the attack immediately
but the spirit literally fled, instantly leaving the atmosphere in my bedroom so completely
pure and devoid of spiritual clutter that it was nothing short of miraculous. There is
power in the Name of the Lord.

The most effective way to prevent a future attack is to be baptized in the Holy Spirit (Acts
1:5) and to have a fervent, effectual, praying person pray for your deliverance (Why this
is important). After having my former pastor pray over me, I have not had another

Can it happen to a spirit filled, born again Christian? Yes. Although others have, I had
never had this event happen to me before I was spirit filled and born again, only after.
Remember this manifestation is outside of your body, it is not a demon possessing you
from the inside of your body. As much as a demon can responsible for sickness and
illness, they are also responsible for "sleep paralysis".

This article was written by Mia Sherwood and can be found at

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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Common Themes: Demons Empty Re: Common Themes: Demons

Post by Sirianta on Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:40 am

This happens to me as well. And I've also read up about it and as you say Mia most people believe it to only be a sleeping disorder. When this happens to me I feel such an evil presence in the room, I can not explain the feeling, very bad. And yes most of the times it feels like something is holding my mouth shut so that I can not call on Jesus, or my voice simply doesn't "work", but if this happens I just start calling on Jesus from my heart and it will go away.

Another thing that happens to me is that while I feel the evil presence in the room it feels like something is trying to pull my soul from my body and I'm fighting back, trying to keep my soul from leaving my body. It is the same feeling when you hold two magnets against each other. A very heavy feeling. It is very tiresome.

Well, all glory to JESUS!!! Such a powerfull name.... say it and they run!!

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Post by postmodernseer on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:45 pm

A couple of years ago, I had that experience of someone choking me in my sleep, and no one was there. The room was dark because of the night time. It is one of the most scariest moments of my life, but now that I know what it is, I can call out to the Lord for my rescue..

This is an interesting topic to me, because not everyone experiences these phenomonans, but yet they still occur daily around the world. You are absolutely right, the closer you get to the Lord, the stronger the force is that is trying to block you from Him. There is Victory in Jesus, and we should remember His name is the most powerful name ever..... Demons even flee from His Name.... Call on Him who Saves... Jesus..... either through the sound of your voice, or within your own thought mind. Call on Him and He will deliver you...Praise God, the book has already been written and we have won the battle, now is the middle of the book that we have to ride through...

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Common Themes: Demons Empty Re: Common Themes: Demons

Post by Genevieve on Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:26 am

Thank you for this post Mia, it is so true. The first time I had such an encounter was just after I became a Christian. I awoke and felt something covering me. At first I thought it was God because I didn't know much about Him yet. But then I thought 'If this is God, why am I so scared?' Someone had told me there was power in the name of Jesus so I said it out loud. Immediately I felt the thing fling off me and the atmosphere became incredibly hostile. This has happened to me many times since then, sometimes I have to think 'Jesus' over and over until I can say it. It usually happens like you say after a breakthrough with the Lord but I am encouraged to continue and not be put off by these attacks.

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Common Themes: Demons Empty Re: Common Themes: Demons

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