2 odd dreams

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2 odd dreams

Post by jeanniekess on Thu May 13, 2010 8:17 am

Hi, I have had a reoccuring dream over the years of being in different homes that are haunted. What usually happens is I am excited about being in the different homes and they are all different types such as Victorian, modern and mansions and even two story homes. I am either a guest or it is my home in the dream. The homes have many rooms usually or a attic or basement. As it becomes night time I start to hear ghosts moaning. I usually go and try to find out where it is coming from and search the house like an adventure and sometimes I go to the basement and find a long hallway which has many doors and I always open the door and its dark but the light will never turn on and I can barely see what is in there. In the dream I am so interested in seeing what is there but I am not able to. Usually I start hearing ghost and I run away and I am running and scared and I wake up. This is not the same with the attic situation though. I seek out secret doors and the attic has all this cool stuff and I am looking through it and finding secret doors and I am so excited about it. I end up looking through the rest of the house and finding that there are other rooms with cool stuff and clothing that is old and old letters to read. But soon enough it starts to get dark and not many of the lights in the house work and I end up stuck in the living area of these homes and then I am worried someone might try to get into the house, so then I go around checking the windows and the doors to make sure they are locked. Then I wake up.

That is one. This one was recently. I dreamnt that I was at my highschool and I was getting along and everyone was happy and I made friends with people I didn't normally talk to ( I was shy in school had only a few friends). I saw my husband and he didn't care what I was doing he was talking with people. So I went through these doors to go outside to the playground and on the playground we are all adults and someone throws a black spider on my shoulder. I can not see the spider I just know its there. I scream really loud but I do not care what every thinks of me, I am just scared. Then I woke up.

Weird I know. :)
Thanks to anyone who can help me with this. I am new to all this. I think I have an idea of what it all means but I just need confirmation.
Jeannie K.

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