Tornado dreams for 20 years

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Tornado dreams for 20 years

Post by inhishands on Thu May 13, 2010 4:43 am

I had a dream about Tornadoes last night and when I woke up I thought I should look up meanings of these kinds of dreams. The only reason I think it means something is because I've had dreams of tornadoes my entire life. I'm 30 now, but have been having different dreams about tornadoes since I was a little girl.

I don't remember much about the dream last night, but there were a ton of tornadoes. In all of the dreams I've had about tornadoes, there are always many. I've never felt afraid in the dreams, but am usually trying to help others and myself reach a safe location. The dreams are always at a location I'm unaware of or have never been. Last night I was with a bunch of people in a strip mall store or something. Usually the people in the dreams are strangers to me as well. Of course there was the initial panic, but it wasn't long into the dream that I was standing there with the others watching the tornadoes from the safety of the building. I remember thinking "whoa, I can't believe we're all safe!"

I never thought these dreams really meant anything. I used to joke that I assumed I would be in a "literal" tornado one day, with all the dreams I've had about them. But, after last night, I wanted to see what a Christian dream interpreter might say.

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