It's going to get HOT, bring a Tank Top.

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It's going to get HOT, bring a Tank Top.

Post by singtotheking on Mon May 10, 2010 2:58 pm

1st scene - I am in a clothing store looking for something to wear. I need a dress of some sort.

2nd scene - My cousin Boris is in town and he needs a ride to Vernon, to the Canadian Okanagan. My brother Misha is going to drive him there. I want to go for a ride to. They are in the driveway ready to go. I need to pack a few things for the trip. I am looking through drawers trying to hurry. I'm looking for something, I pulled out little baby socks. I'm now in a closet looking for a top to wear. I need a tank top, its going to be hot in Vernon, it's summer time. I need to find the best looking top since I'm planning on going to church where my family/relatives attend.

Name Meanings:

Boris - "Warrior"

Misha - "Michael"

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Re: It's going to get HOT, bring a Tank Top.

Post by One Door on Mon May 10, 2010 8:48 pm

I have not taken the accuracy test.
First scene: you are in a clothing store looking.... Clothing represents "a covering".
Second scene: you are looking...; you pull out baby socks. Socks also represent "a covering". Baby represents "what is new", a new covering.
Boris and Misha are waiting out in the car for you. The name Misha and the name Michael both mean "One who is like God". Misha represents Jesus. Misha is the one driving so that tells us Jesus is the One who is really driving and because He is the One driving, it shows He is the One who is in control here. Boris means warrior but it also means "trusting" and because of the contents of the dream, I believe that is what it means here. So now we have Jesus and Trust waiting on you so you all can go to Vernon. I believe the meaning we are to get from Vernon here is "alder grove". Alder is a rapidly growing tree that produces tiny fruit and grove means a group of trees planted and cultivated to bear fruit. Vernon represents your church. Jesus is the One who has planted them and they are being cultivated meaning they are being refined, meaning, being made free from impurities. Being in the closet represents you being in prayer. A tank top was originally worn in a swimming pool. A swimming pool represents a spiritual condition. You are praying about the church's spiritual condition. "'s going to be hot in Vernon, its summer time." Because you say it's going to be hot, I believe summer here represents "a time of testing". Church here ("going to church") represents your church and family/relatives here represents your spiritual family (at church).
I have read your post on what you said about your church and I believe the Lord is showing you in this dream that your church is going through a time of testing, they are being refined (by Him), but He is also showing you that He is very much in control and that He is waiting for you to put your trust in Him.
Your love for your church really comes through in this dream. Just hang in there.

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