Vehicles in flight

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Vehicles in flight

Post by Jehovahzapple on Sun May 09, 2010 6:41 pm

I dreamed Brian Taylor came and took my vehicle and left me to drive a huge double cab truck that was so hard to drive. I pulled into sonic with it. I left and came back and found that the truck was gone and I had no way to go. Some man came out of sonic and offered me one of two different vehicles to use. The first was like a long but very close to the ground car that was so crammed full you couldn’t even see where to sit. The second was like a van. As we stepped inside the van, it appeared so big it was like a house. I remember that it had 3 bathrooms. The man that showed me the van excused himself and said he was going to take a bath. You could hear when he turned the water on that it was a whirlpool. I went to the front to see how to drive the van. After moving some things around. I found the driving panel. As I began to try to drive, it was like the first few feet of the whole house broke off and started going all over the place wildly. It ended up wrecking on the top of a hill. I remember me and several others beginning to climb down this mountain. As we reached the bottom, I remember passing this snake and warning the people behind me to be careful because of the snake.

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