Please interpret my Dream

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Please interpret my Dream

Post by vdenni on Sun May 09, 2010 5:23 pm

Well I will get to the point here. I am searching out my dream which really needs interpretation; that is how I found your web page. It is below:

In my dream I was laying in bed awake next to a large window in an attic, which appears to be the attic of a house I grew up in as a teenager. The outside light was bright and filled by room with peace. As I looked up from my bed I looked directly at a round cyclinder shaped orange straw hat with small white flowers flowing over to the side of the hat, maybe about 4 or 5 of them. As I sat up in the bed, I noticed it was a hat tree with several more hats on them. But the orange straw hat was the focus.
As I look to my left, there beds next to me, but there seemed to be a small divider between me and the other beds, just halfway my bed. But the beds were the beds of my two other sisters, but there was no light on their side of the room, only the light coming from my room allowed me to see what was going on over there.
I could not see my sisters, but our beds were in the order of our births. Me at the window and then my middle sister, her bed was made and the bedding was turned back from the pillow and I could see part of a white sheet. My younger sister's bed was made but it was dark in that area and I could see no more.
I then heard my mother's voice calling to us saying something---------( In the dream I could hear what she said, but when I awaken I could not remember what she said). I do not remember what I felt as she spoke. But she was speaking from downstairs.

(It is strange that I remembered most of the details as I was writing here) I journaled this upon awaking, but did not remember as much as I remember now.

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Re: Please interpret my Dream

Post by One Door on Thu May 13, 2010 8:10 pm

This is just my perspective on your dream.
Bed represents rest. We find rest in salvation. Attic can represent things of the past. We store things in an attic: things stored up (such as memories). A window reveals: revelation knowledge. A window (revelation knowledge) allows the "light" to come in. You are at peace because of the "light" (Christ) that has come into your life. A hat is a covering, it protects. I believe the orange hat you have focused on represents "perseverance" (the color of orange) and the "glory of God" (the little white flowers on the hat). White represents "holiness" and the flowers represent His "glory". This is your hat, you are the perseverer. The glory of God and His protection cover you (the color orange also represents "protection").
I am sure you know the saying "wear many hats". I believe these hats may represent the roles and functions you have taken on over the years (maybe concerning your family). I also believe your sisters have these stored up memories but have not found the rest (they are not in their beds, showing no rest) you have found concerning them. But for me, when a bed is turned down, someone is expected soon to rest in that bed.
Hope this sheds some light on your dream for you. Welcome to the dream site.

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