Stag in a trench

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Stag in a trench

Post by Paul RT on Sat May 08, 2010 3:54 pm

I jumped a long barbed wire fence, which was on either side of a trench filled with water. I waded in water up to my chest and encountered a large stag, which didnít frighten me.
On the other side of the parallel barbed wire fence were armed guards patrolling what seemed to be Poland. I picked up a card that had had a covering insert. When I tore out the insert out of the card I could see writing in what seemed to be Polish. The writing appeared to have a connection with some people I know who in real life immigrated to Australia from Poland Ė Archie & Kinga.
In the second part of the dream I was working for a team of 7 people providing some kind of financial service like a trade exchange. I signed up one client for a fee of $600, who provided orthodontal services. It turned out that they were in competition with a similar service provider of orthodontal services.
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