long wired dream......

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long wired dream......

Post by Aryu on Fri May 07, 2010 4:37 am

ok the dream started off ( i think i was at work)
but i was at the bottom of the stairs and i was going up the stairs they started to break and there were i and another girl on the stairs she continued to climb up and i was stuck on the bottom and i asked "why are the stairs breaking like this?"
she said it was because of the earth dragon which i find out later i have some control of....i have some big orange pendant that releases the 'earth dragon;
but some how i get to the top and im planning a what i was thinking in the dream a justified rebellion?( still at work i think...?)
and i let loose the dragon because people start attacking me then i think i beat them but i get to the top (i think...or as far as i could the one stairway was broken remember)
and 2 other girls i work with are planning to take hostage of the store????
but i start to doubt that doing this will be worth it and leave and she begins to follow me and ask why and im "a traitor" the other girl is lft behind...
so now we are trying to escape still at work....
i try to go down an elevator and its shabby looking(as always)
and i want to get to the bottom but when i do i get to the 2nd floor and its way dark and creepy looking but i go any way thinking i can finally escape(i guess im running from a situation?)

we run into a bunch of rescuers (who im getting the feeling are christians

and its raining really heavily and there is a flood so the rescue team wont let us (escape -i guess they have no idea who we are yet)
and we try to blend in and stuff but we are finally found and really running she is caught but while i am escaping my manager is getting
shot at and i think is wounded be-cause of me

so i make it outside and the girl who got cought is in a car and she has become a christian
and has surrendered to god and the police willingly getting cought
and somehow my husband picks me up and im thinking ok im free but normal people are starting to suspect me and find clues now that im out of the building and my husband coldly turns me into the police (he is never caring or sympathetic in my dreams in fact is always the source of pain and sadness in dreaams) so im about to get cought but i keep trying to escape anyhow then i wake up....

(ALSO some where in the dream im in a small apartment complex with my 14 year old sister and others who have no place to sleep...???can remember much)

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