Double Dreams

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Double Dreams

Post by Susan101 on Wed May 05, 2010 11:58 am

Hi everyone, God's blessings be with you all. My name is Susan and I had 2 consecutive dreams last night which I would like to have interpreted, if you may. Here goes:

My friend and I were looking for bottled water as I ran out on it. We went to a market place and all I saw were either empty water bottles of big bottles of oil. At a far end, a couple, who were packing up their stuff, were selling bottled water so we approached them. Instead, they offered us a bottle of seeds, which they said works better than water in quenching our thirst. I said "oh I know that, I have a friend who uses that". We tasted it but we didn't like it's taste so we returned it and got my $5. back. She gave us a bottle of water and then we left. End of dream 1 (*)

Another dream followed immediately where my boyfriend and I were washing our hands in a public sink. We were totally nude in the dream and people who were queueing were just looking at us. In my dream though, there was no sexual emotions or any signs of sexuality but a feeling of comfort, calmness and harmony. End of dream 2.

I really appreciate any inputs on this. Just to let you know, I seldom dream. Sometimes I would dream but would not remember anything but when a dream is so vivid to me and I can remember it, I surely know that it will happen. I have had dreams that happened to me, but I only come to realize that it was in my dream after it has happened already. So I started journaling.

Thanks to all of you.

(*) last night before I went to sleep, I prayed and talked to God and just asked Him to make me thirst more for Him; that I want more of Him in my life and that He will be in the midst of my relationship with my boyfriend who is a very good Christian.

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