white sandy beach with crashing waves

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white sandy beach with crashing waves

Post by Jodi on Tue May 04, 2010 5:21 pm

As part of a vision for me, a friend saw a Sequoia growing in the middle of water. There was a blue and white sphere floating throught the air towards shore. The waves were crashing on the white sandy beach.

I'm pretty sure the water, air, and waves represent the Holy Spirit. I think maybe the floating blue (heavenly) and white (purity) sphere is something from Heaven, either an angel or the Holy Spirit. Floating through air is effortless movement with the flow of the Holy Spirit. Crashing waves are water in powerful motion, acting on the shoreline.
(IRL, a Sequoia is a redwood tree that grows the largest of all trees, but it is designed to have shallow, wide roots. It needs to link roots with other Sequoias to stand up. This part of the vision is telling me not to isolate myself from other "Sequoias" or mature Christians!)

The beach is white, so it is pure. The white sandy beach reminds me of Abraham's descendents ("grains of sand"), so it seems to represent more than one person.

Any insight or promptings the Holy Spirit gives you will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for praying over it. - Jodi

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