Uncle Dave - my husband's brother & my kids' uncle

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Uncle Dave - my husband's brother & my kids' uncle

Post by Jodi on Tue May 04, 2010 5:06 pm

I had a dream in which Uncle Dave played a role. He is my husband's brother, but is specifically mentioned as "Unlce Dave" in this dream, pointing more to his relationship to my kids.

So, when processing this dream, do I consider him a brother-in-law? (I know that "in law" can indicate religious legalism, but Dave doesn't seem to have this problem.) Or, do I think only in terms of his Uncle-ship of my kids?

What are somethings that "uncle" can symbolize?

The part of the dream which had Uncle Dave in it will show the context so here it is:

Uncle Dave was at our house. (not really like any of the houses we've lived in - reminded me of my childhood home when i didn't even know Dave) He was taking a shower and the water was all over the floor into the hallway. He came out of the bathroom and went somewhere. I was wearing socks without shoes. I knew my feet woudl get wet, but I walked into the hallway and into the bathroom. I looked around and noticed the toilet was not flushed and was probably plugged. I tried to flush it and it overflowed. I quickly turned the shut-off valve. Now my socks were wet with dirty toilet water, not clean shower water! I don't know why I entered the bathroom because I didn't have to go. It seems like I just went in to look around - maybe to see where the water was coming from.

(The rest of the dream is given in a post titled "Root Vegetable Garden.")

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