indoor pets and outdoor pets

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indoor pets and outdoor pets

Post by Jodi on Tue May 04, 2010 5:04 pm

I had a dream in which I had "indoor pets" and "outdoor pets." The outdoor pets were sick, but the indoor pets were fine. The outdoor pets were sick because I had carelessly fed them poisoned food. Something got into their food, but I thought it wouldn't hurt them so I gave it to them anyway.

I'm being more careful about giving leftovers to my dog - making sure they are very fresh! but, I think this dream is symbolic not literal because it used the expressions "outdoor" and "indoor" pets. I have only 1 outdoor pet, 1 indoor pet, and 1 pet that goes in and out as he pleases. So "outdoor pets" could mean my dog and one cat, but I don't feed the cat outside. That's why I believe this is symbolic. Also the rest of the dream is very symbolic.

So, my question is "What do the phrases 'indoor pets' and 'outdoor pets' bring to your mind? If you hear from the Lord about these phrases, what is He saying? Thanks for praying over these expressions!

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Re: indoor pets and outdoor pets

Post by ditte3 on Tue May 04, 2010 11:35 pm

I have not taken the accuracy test yet.

Reading about "in door" and out door" pets I thought of christians who are "close" to the Lord (in the house) and those who go after their own ways and in the world "poison" gets into their "food" which harms them.It also speaks to me how some church leaders,ministers don't realize this danger.
Please pray about these.I will pray as well.If it's not what the Lord tells you,please toss it.
God bless you.

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