white paint in 2 dreams, back to back

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white paint in 2 dreams, back to back

Post by victoriouspalmbranch on Tue May 04, 2010 9:33 am

I had one dream this morning and awoke telling myself it was probably just a random dream and the Lord wasn't speaking to me. (HAH!) So I fell back asleep and had a second dream with the same element in it... "white paint."

1st Dream: My father was buying an old house in a city we had never been to before. I was trying to tell him he was going about the buying process wrong... he wasn't having the house inspected, and wasn't getting insurance on it. There was an issue with the amount of money he was paying for it too, I don't remember. I took issue with that too. He paid for it in cash. The interior of the house was in need of a paint job so my father left and went to buy some paint. I imagined in my mind the house would be painted white on the inside. I selected a wing of the house for myself which contained a room divided into 3 sections... a bedroom, a living area and a small office between those two areas. I then went into the bathroom where I saw my "mother" at the counter/sink area and I sensed she needed the "office" area of my room more than I did so I told her I would give it to her. Then I used the potty (urinated) and when I got up from it I noted that someone had used it before me and had diahreah.

2nd Dream: I am in a house and a girl whom I met at some function comes by to take me out shopping. I tell the girl I need to get ready, I hadn't had a shower yet. The girl also has a daughter with her, around age 2 or something. I asked my "mother" if I could take a shower. She sends me to another house behind this one where my father is installing a shower in the living room area. He's installing it in such a way that "white paint" flows out of the shower head with the water. I look around and there are people gathered in the room... young men, I assume friends of my dad's. And I wonder how long will it be before he is done installing the shower, and the men leave... are they there to socialize with him or what? I am also annoyed because there is a third house which my parents stay in and my father tells me I cannot use the shower in it either, but must use the shower in the 2nd house which he is installing. So I go back to the first house bathroom, where my mother is in the shower and I am complaining to her that my friend is waiting for me to go to the mall, and I really need to hurry up and get ready. I also say that I don't think I had a shower "yesterday." My mom agrees with me and says I didn't.... Then I woke up
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