Not meant to be altogether or not right now?

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Not meant to be altogether or not right now?

Post by PropheticNicole on Mon May 03, 2010 5:54 pm


I was dating someone for a few months up until April 26, 2010. During the short period of time, I've had at least 4-7 dreams about him and 2 came true so far. He's said he has had visions of us and we we were older with gray hair in those visions. We are both in our twenties and he battles with himself on a spiritual and emotional level. I told him it is best that we be friends as we would constantly argue when we were together. I told him when he's ready to trust me and drop the issues from his past, we can date. He is divorced and many issues of his hurt seeped into our relationship. After telling him over the phone that we should be friends, he doesn't call me anymore and when I call him I sense the hurt and sarcasm in his voice. I really wanted to be friends and build from there. I am not sure why did God allow us to cross paths but one dream I've had when we were dating is this: We were in a house I didn't recognize. It was me, his sister, him and two children in the house. At the time he never met his sister in real life until early April ( I had this dream in January) and I never have until this day, but I've seen pictures of her. We were telling him he needed to get some rest and he was looking a little older. I verbally agreed. He and I was laughing and embracing one another. The little boy in the dream was about 5 years old and brown skin with glasses and he was so playful and high and happy in spirit. I know in real life he has a son that may have turned five as I've only seen a video of him and the other son that is 4. But none of them look like the boy in the dream. The little girl was quieter and she may have been younger than the boy. In real life I know he has a daughter that should be 8 by now (He has three children from his marriage at the time). I don't have kids and I am wondering what was the purpose of this dream? What do the people in the dream represent? I miss him and wish he'd talk to me as a friend ( and my feelings haven't changed) but I wonder by me saying we should be friends indicates that God is saying it is time to move on from the situation altogether or just not right now? I have had 3 dreams so far after we've split. Please help! scratching chin
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